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:Tuesday (If Tuesday is a holiday, then Wednesday), Winter holiday season(Dec. 29-Jan.3)

Special "A" seat discount

A-seat discount is available for “club any”(=membership of Yamaguchi City Foundation for Cultural Promotion) members, as well as teenagers of 18 years or under, seniors of 65 years or over, and the disabled and their attendants (one person for each disabled). The registration must be made at the time of entry.

Note: A-seat tickets are available at YCAM, Yamaguchi Civic Hall, and Yamaguchi Minami General Center.

Day nursery services

Yamaguchi City Foundation for Cultural Promotion provides day nursery services.Note: Please be sure to bring toys, diapers, and spare clothes, if necessary, with you. It is advised that children have their meals before coming. At the time when there is a theater performance or concert. (As the nursery service may not be available for each event, please contact the office prior to your application.)

During the library's office hours in the afternoon

Register at the office on the first floor of YCAM on the day. In case of full house, wait until it is your turn.

  • Age:1 year or over
  • Nursery hours:13:00 through 17:00, except for the days when Yamaguchi City Library is closed. The maximum using hours are 2 hours at a time.
  • Cost:¥150 for every 30 minutes per child.

During performances at YCAM

Call the Nursery Section, Yamaguchi City Foundation for Cultural Promotion a week prior to the event at the latest. Kids Space at YCAM

  • Age:0 year or over
  • Nursery hours:30 minutes before the opening to 30 minutes after the end of the show.
  • Cost:¥500 per child. For more than one child, ¥300 per the extra child.

For wheelchair users

There is a particular area for wheelchair users in Studios A and C. In Studio A, special A-seats are provided, where the staff can help and usher the users. Please contact the office in advance.

Hearing aid system

Hearing aid system is provided in Studios A and C for those who are hard of hearing. Please contact the staff on the day.

Multipurpose Toilet

Multipurpose toilets, which wheelchair users and ostomate users can use, are provided at three places in the Center including Studio A. Please feel free to use them.


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